Set 100

Set 100

Ref: 60100

Set 100 Startset with hand controller LH100

For large model railway layouts where many motor vehicles, points and signals are used. Identical functions, different manual control: the LH100 is equipped with 22 keys.

for up to 9999 digital motor vehicles and 1 analog locomotive
setting of 4-digit locomotive addresses
14, 27, 28 or 128 speed steps
13 functions for each locomotive
double- and multiple-traction
the setting of automatic control is optional
higher requirements are met by adding (an infinite number of) additional amplifiers
connect up to 31 input devices to our universal input bus XpressNet.
programming in operational mode (PoM)
up to 1024 points, signals and other magnetic articles can be switched, depending on the control device used.
feedback bus to connect feedback modules and switch decoders that support the feedback function.

Each set comes with a LZV100 device (which is an amplifier plus command station) and an LH100 hand-held control device.