Ref: 36557

E-Z Command 4 Function DCC decoder 21 pin


IMPORTANT NOTE - Hornby Select and Elite Controller Users: The Bachmann 36-557 21 pin decoder does not work with all versions of the Hornby Select and Elite controllers - it depends on the software version on your controller (which could be one of many) whether it'll work for you. If you are not sure, it is better to buy the combined Hornby decoder and 21 pin adaptor, which can be found by clicking on this link: Hornby Decoder with 21 Pin Adaptor

DCC decoder with four function outputs and back EMF in addition to the motor with a 21-pin connector

- Size 25x15.5x4.5mm
- Short/long addressesing

- Advanced consist address and function support

- 1 Amp maximum power output

- BEMF Motor Control

- 4-function output with configurable function settings

- User configurable speed curve

- 14/28/128 speed steps
- 350ma function output
- Back EMF
- Quiet Drive high frequency PVM

NMRA Compliant

- Analogue Compatible